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New York Hypnosis Center with New York Hypnotist Kala, for the most
comprehensive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program In NYC


Biography for Kala Leviev, C.Ht.

Kala is a graduate of the Society of Applied Hypnosis in NY and has been working in coloration with the NYC Hypnosis center and thriving with her private practice located in Chelsea, NYC. She specializes in assisting clients with personal growth and empowerment.

Beginning with the premise that each client holds the potential within to transform their lives, Kaladeveloped a special holistic program uses conscious and subconscious techniques and positive reinforcement out of her own experience exploring her own personal growth, to tap into their personal strengths in order to create harmony and a sense of inner peace and well-being.

This caring honest and personal approach has contributed to her clients' successfully dealing with weight control, public speaking and depression amongst many other positive and powerful life changes.

Kale’s blend of empathy and honesty, along with the belief that each person has incredible untapped potential, allows her to build partnerships based upon mutual respect, thus creating a positive atmosphere and space for a lasting change and growth. Out of her sincere dedication to empower people where ever they are and to make it accessible to more people she created programs so people can work indepently from the comfort of their own home for: Weight loss, Depression, Wealth and attracting genuine love.

Languages Spoken
* English *Spanish *Hebrew

Hypnotherapy Specialties
* Weight Loss* Depression* Public speaking*Attracting a loving partner
* Motivation
* Stress


* Feb 2009-present Certified Conscious Relationship& Body –Mind vibrance Coach by the Hendricks Institute
* March 2008-Present Certified

Hypnotherapist by the Society Of Applied Hypnosis, Inc

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About The Henrick's Institute and My Training

Certified Conscious Relationship &Body-Mind Vibrance Coach

If hypnosis is not for you, yet you want to work on yourself or your relationship and make real progress in an unconventional way, why don’t you try threw breathing and movement, Change can be fun!

The Hendricks institute certifies coaches to work on same eye level, allowing space for growth and wonder, facilitating the change by being present with the persons realizations during the work process.

The Hendricks Method dwells on body, mind balance and precensing  is key to be in harmony in your relationships  and in all areas in your life becoming awear of your breathing, areas in your body you normally hold tension, thinking and asking  questions that leave room for change and growth.

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