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HIs Fear Taking Over Your Life?

Do you find yourself over and over again giving up things you want just  because your afraid? Has fear become a second skin to you that you can’t even remember when was the last time you weren’t afraid?
We all have fears: Fear of success, fear of being happy, fear of death, fear of public speaking, fear of things once they get good something horrible is bound to happen(fear of lost). Fears as a result of a traumatic event, phobias that control your life.
The truth is we all have fears , I for instant had for a long time fear of success, I wasn’t wear of it, I kept starting projects and stopping them in the middle, disguising it under the quite title of: I’m a free spirit, I can’t stay in one place too long.
I also developed a pattern of procostantion. It took me a while till I realized that I wasn’t stopping things in the middle because I was free spirited, and I was procostenating because I didn’t believe I deserved good , or that I was worthy of life’s good  so I delayed in order to delay my good. My brain as an obedient servant helped me create patterns and life situations that will match my inner belief system but since in my belief system I didn’t believe in my abilities and saw myself as unworthy it could only attract things that didn’t really serve me.

Again we all have different fears that are stopping us from fulfilling our full potential, the good thing is that any fear is simply an emotion that is acquired, and it can be changed.
Are you ready to take control over your life-be at the power seat and drive?
I’m a firm believer that real change comes to those who truly are ready to take control over their life-self work requires self discipline- results don’t appear out of the blue- you need to be willing to take responsibility over your life and choices that you are making.
The beauty is once you made that decision to take control anything can be changed for we are creatures of habit and we can replace our old habits that no longer serve us with new and better ones
Hypnosis demystified…
Many people have heard about hypnosis but, heard that they can have results almost as immediately but they are afraid of it for they don’t want to bark like a dog…
Well let me tell you about hypnosis and what it can do for you!
Real life hypnosis is very different then the Hollywood version- It is a familiar state of relaxation, you don’t feel zonked out or loose control, being under a state of hypnosis is just as daydreaming only in a deeper relaxed state and guided by a person that learned about brain patterns and just directs you get faster results just think of us as similar to a car technician only a hypnotist is a technician for the brain.
You see. Our brain is quite simple and very easy to use for it is just like your computer at work or at home, only we are brought up in a society that instead of teaching us how to use the brain to serve us we let the computer in our head play what ever movies he likes instead of fiddling it commands that will be beneficial to us and give us results, so we see people with phobias and fears ( usually playing a negative movie over and over again), people who know a cretin habit is not good for them yet they cannot stop, people who are successful and peaceful compare to people who their entire life is constant failure after the other. How do you explain that? Such intelligent beings yet have so little control over our life’s?
Simply no one thought us how to use our brain and emotions in a correct way, no one told us that we are in control. An hypnosis session is actually a learning process and the more intelligent you are the better hypnosis subject you will be, no hypnotist can give you suggestions that are not insycind with your internal belief system, even in those hypnosis shows when people bark like a doge these people are willingly doing this for they want those 5 minutes of attention from the crowd there for it works with their  belief system.
You are in control at every part of the hypnosis session, your brain chooses at every given moment what he wants to accept or  doesn’t, we as a hypnotist simply guide you threw the process to get sufficient results, and guess what we usually don’t want you to be dependent on us so we show you the tools and 1-4 sessions should be enough depending on the issue.

Most of  the fears we have are as a result of childhood programming or a traumatic event. Don’t allow your fears to rob you from your peace of mind and living a full joyese life, Take control over your life today!
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