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Lose weight  With an holistic hypnosis approach

There are a thousand ways to Rome… And  Let’s make sure you get there!

I’m a pragmatic person, I don’t like excuses. I value time yours & especially mine.

I believe in holistic approach of curing the source and not just neutralizing the symptom and I will use as many tools to help you achieve your goal of shedding those unwanted pounds!

Overweight is a symptom  of a problem, most people focus on solving the symptom with different diets and methods. Overeating started in it origin to make you feel better about something that was bothering you in your life in the past and maybe even now, making you just eat less will not solve the problem long run for the overeating is a coping mechanism to feel better.
Overweight is not a dietary problem-It’s an emotional one-Now we can get to the bottom of this so you will never be overweight again

With my program I will help you recognize your own strengths and take the power back over your life to manifest it in ways that are meaningful to you!
I’m not another script reader-I want to see results, I truly want you to be in a better place overall after you are done with my program.

I am not a magical worker-you are
I’m just the technician or that temporary coach to help you see the magnifansence of your abilities for we are all able & capable
There for I want to work only with people who are willing to committe, people that want a positive change in their life, people who are willing to get out of their comfort zone and manifest their life’s goals the way it was indented for them to be. People who want to take what’s theirs!
People who are willing to let go of what no longer serves them.
People who are willing to take responsibility over their life in a conscious level-hypnosis is not a way for a quick fix!

With my program you will get tools to pave the way for any future goal setting for the rest of your life- you will think differently.


Common excuses:
“I don’t have time”-All I can ask is what are you doing that is so much important more then changing your life for the better and being happy as a result.

“I’m skeptical”-Let’s define skeptical for most people mean that they are going to reject all that is related to hypnosis and changing until I prove them wrong.
Real skepticism means you put off judgment till you have the actual experience for your self .

“I’ve been doing it for so long I cannot change”-This is a self indulging crap, what you are actually saying that what ever is holding you back is so important to you that you will cling to it with all your force.

What could be more important then improving your life Now?

Hypnosis in Simplistic terms-
Hypnosis- is the suspension of the critical factor (your conscious mind) for a cretin time in order to establish new ways of thinking that serve you.

Hypnotist- a techniten of the mind

Hypnosis is a state of focus not sleep or being unconscious.

As a hypnotists I can not make you do things that are objecting your belief system, I can’t make you do things that you don’t want to do.
All those hypnosis shows, the people who go on stage and cluck like a chicken are people who want to entertain and that attention from the crowd, therefore it goes hand in hand with their internal belief system.

Hypnosis is the base of all learning, children up to age 5 don’t have a critical factor yet there for they learn so much!

Hypnosis is  natural and we all been hypnotized and even deeply hypnotized an example for that is that most of us experienced being bruised  or getting a cut without noticing and then wondering, where did that come from? We were so focused on what we were doing that we had a local Anastasia in the area-that’s one of the most high level of hypnosis!

Another example is when you go to the movies, you suspend your critical factor because you want to entertain yourself, so you are not bothered by the fact that you are sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers, temporarily you believe that the actor is the character and you don’t question the time things are done in the movie or the stunts..

every time you go to a club-think about it, your going in the middle of the night when your suppose to sleep, you drink alcohol which suppose to make you relaxed or sleepy, to top that that the light is low but you have this rhythmic music that puts you in a state of trance…so you dance and drink until the morning

200 years of scientific experience in Hypnosis and no one has been harmed

Hypnosis is safe and it was accepted by the American medical association in 1958 and the British medical association since 1957

While being hypnotized you will feel relaxed, and most likely to remember the session in it’s integrity-you will not be zonked out.

There is a difference between goal setting and goal getting…

Change has a coast- it coasts giving up what you used to do
How much of the old your willing to release to make room for the new?
It is obvious to us that we need to clean the dishes in the since so they won’t pile up, or to make room in the closet for new clothes, why should our mind be different?
With anything that you do -you control your own success rate

On the program:
1) Taking responsibility in a conscious level
2)Recognizing good decision strategies Vs. Bad ones.
3)Mental deter
4)Future memory
5)awareness for the way we speak
6)Breathing techniques
7)Marking the clear path to a new you