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It all starts with self love…

All our chaotic world of wars, battles over money, territory, different miscommunications with people and in the matters of that heart all reflect the duality, insecurity, luck of self approval and of  conditional love towards ourselves.

We tend to punish ourselves in different ways such as over eating, smoking, procostanating.. As if when Adam ate the apple in the garden of eden he implanted in our DNA self distractedness.

Labeling, judging, gossiping, patronizing are examples of how we distract ourselves in petty matters, wasting our energy, distracting us from seeing how unlimited our potential really is, how powerful and magnificent we really are.

“All we need is love” it is true, unless we love ourselves unconditionally as you would love and accept a child happiness will allude you, you will keep finding ways to self distract yourself, denying yourself from fulfillment in ways that are meaningful to you.

Action Required:

In order to get your power back it all starts with self awareness of the ways &whys that  you are sabotaging yourself, take responsibility over your life, learn to let go of all baggage’s that are scarring you  and slowing you down, (honestly have you ever seen a turtel beat a rabbit to the finish line? Impossible with all that extra weight.. ) forgiveness to self and others is requiered to be released of guilt to be able to reach self acceptance and self love in an unconditional way.
Because as written in the bible: we were all created in god’s image

I think that’s a good enough reason, don’t you?

The benefits?

Taking life easy! Being happy and content with what you are/have and  being accomplished.


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