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Quit Smoking will Show you Many Results - NYC

The Heavy Cost of Chronic Stress and it's relations to Hypnosis (NYC)

Hypnosis Reduces Breast Surgery Side Effects which was featured in ABC News

Obesity Is Found to Make Ovarian Cancer Deadlier

Your Brain and How It Reacts Under Hypnosis - NY Times

The Famous DATELINE:NBC repor:
Weight Loss with Hypnosis

The Dangers of Secondhand Cigarette Smoking and How It Can Shorten Your Life Span

SCIENCEDAILY: Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking (NYC)

Even Light Smoking Triples Disease and Death

NY Newsday: Hypnotherapy Article on the use of hypnosis to Relieve Anxiety & Trauma

BBC:IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrom

Hypnotherapy an Effective Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome


NEWSWEEK article: Relaxation: Ways to Calm Your Mind

WebMD Feature Article on hypnosis with Panic Attacks

ABC News Article on Hypnosis for Weight Loss

ABC NEWS report on newly-discovered link between stress and heart failure

Psychology Today article on the Overall Effectiveness of Hypnosis

WebMD Feature Article on hypnosis and Pain Management

Reuters News Agency Article: Hypnosis Eases Breast Cancer Surgery Pain

BBC Article on Hypnosis and Pain

BBC Article on Hypnosis for Treatment of Allergies


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