Law Of Attraction  with NYC Hypnosis
And Kala

(who is now available for sessions in Israel)

New York Weight Loss

Some people come to hypnosis to have a quick easy fix, taking the easy short cut, since no self work is required. If there is something I learned from my own experience from listening to subliminal massages for 2.5 years with no results is that unless you take responsibility on the conscious level and do progress also on the daily awareness the suggestions will not work.

Here you are going to understand the reason for weight gain and the low of attraction on a conscious level as well as we are going to do subconscious work. We have a wonderful tool and that is our brain and to me nothing makes more sense then combining the two together, as you use both of your hands or feet.
And in the base of every problem there is luck of self love and self acceptance. Many times people condition their love for themselves or at times hated your body although it served them loyally because of a few extra pounds, which means your love towards yourself and your body is conditional to loosing weight, therefore we are going to work on that as well.

This program is a one of a kind, and it is empowering you! Threw this program you will learn tools that will benefit you in every area in your life!
Take action today and become the you you want to be.

Each session is 2-2.5 hrs $250 per session

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